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time flies...

We started in 2011 with the crazy idea "Let's print assholes". Since then we have fun to bring our stickers among the people!

The asshole stickers and nipple stickers are photographed, hand counted and packaged ourselves. For us the closeness to the product and to you is very important, because only then it is really fun.

With the slogan "make the world colorful" we want to bring people together a little more.

People should rather stick asshole stickers instead of being an asshole. It's all about entertainment, because the best thing is when people laugh, and that's our goal with our asshole stickers and the rest of our stuff. Our claim is to offer you creative & unique products.

Far away from the mainstream you will find asshole stickers and nipple stickers, fancy mugs and bags, with penis or breasts as a motif.

Especially for Christmas you will find special gifts, whether for family, boyfriend, girlfriend, grandparents or for your work colleagues.

With your purchase you do something good not only for yourself but also for others: you actively support the team of Anusticker!

Look around and find your favorite! Each asshole sticker is produced individually and with love.


in 80 days or something like that...

Anustickers around the world.

That is our goal. We want to travel to every country and stick magnificent anus stickers on the landmarks of the nation. There are more countries every day and it is the most fun to get pictures from you.



with love...

Many do not believe that we really produce ourselves. But we can proudly say - Yes, we do. Even professionally photographed. Each order is processed and packed by hand.

We are proud not to be a mass product, but still put love into the detail.

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